Invited session with Florida Atlantic University PhD in Finance Program

Опубликовано 2021-11-18 ‐ 1 мин для чтения

Financial Economics and Quantitative Finance Workshop

It was our pleasure to host an invited session with Florida Atlantic University PhD in Finance program. There were four PhD candidate presentations and FAU PhD program overview by Professor Douglas Cumming.

Pedro Monteiro: Corporate Governance Mechanisms and the Impact of Share Repurchases on Bondholders

Maimuna Akter: Death, Destruction, and Manipulation

Robert Reardon: COVID-19 and Entrepreneurial Processes in U.S. Equity Crowdfunding

Masim Suleymanov: Does Government Contracting Impact Venture Capital Investment Outcomes?

Douglas Cumming, FAU PhD Program Overview

Douglas Cumming is DeSantis Distinguished Professor of Finance and Entrepreneurship and FAU PhD program director.

About workshop series

Financial Economics and Quantitative Finance (FEQF) workshop series runs to help to navigate and to produce financial research and to apply machine learning in economics and finance.

The workshop series is a joint initiative between Center for Mathematical Finance (CMF), which offers open class training in quantitative finance, and Financial Economics Department (Finec) at MGIMO.

Workshop advisors are Eugene Lukash (Moscow State University and CMF), Evgeny Pogrebnyak (Finec MGIMO and CMF) and Andrew Zlotnik (HSE University and CMF).